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Latest Technology News

Jason Koebler / Motherboard:
Profile of iFixit, the company helping us continue doing DIY repairs on modern electronics  —  How to Fix Everything  —  It happened suddenly, like most of these stories do.  My alarm went off.  I kicked my leg out as I jolted awake, making solid contact with my new laptop …

John Cook / GeekWire:
Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, and other tech leaders form Breakthrough Energy Coalition to invest in clean energy  —  Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other tech titans form the Breakthrough Energy Coalition to invest in zero-carbon energy technologies … Some of the world's wealthiest …

Denys Zhadanov / Medium:
Readdle's marketing head on how PDF Expert became the #1 top paid app in the Mac App Store globally  —  How To Launch a Mac App and Become #1 Top Paid App Globally  —  It's pretty hard to put eight months of your life in a single blog post, but I'll try to outline the most interesting …

Troy Hunt / Troy Hunt's Blog:
Inside VTech hack: poorly encrypted passwords, security Q&As in plain text, kid data matched to parent addresses, no SSL, outdated software on many sites, more  —  When children are breached - inside the massive VTech hack  —  I suspect we're all getting a little bit too conditioned to data breaches lately.

Drew Olanoff / TechCrunch:
Amazon shows off new Prime Air drone, promises a whole family of them in a new video with Jeremy Clarkson  —  Amazon Shows Off New Prime Air Drone With Hybrid Design  —  Amazon delivered a lovely update on its ‘Prime Air’ project.  You know, the flying delivery drone that some thought was a massive joke meant for April 1st.