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Latest Technology News

Joanna Stern / Wall Street Journal:
Apple Music review: discovery features are great but the app lacks polish and simplicity, difficult to recommend over Spotify  —  Apple Music Review: Behind a Messy Interface Is Music's Next Big Leap  —  Despite glitches and a confusing interface, Apple Music stands to make as big an impact as the iPod

Nathan Olivarez-Giles / Wall Street Journal:
Project Fi Review: Google Masters Wi-Fi Calling, but Needs Better Phones  —  Can the search giant change the wireless business like it's changed high-speed Internet?  —  For millions of us, Google is the backbone of our digital lives.  So it's a little incongruous that to get to its many services …

Fitz Tepper / TechCrunch:
Facebook Announces Fifth Data Center, Located In Fort Worth, Texas  —  Facebook just took the wraps off its fifth data center, with this one landing in Fort Worth, Texas.  Like most things at Facebook, the center already has its own Facebook Page.  —  The Fort Worth location joins …

Stowe Boyd / Gigaom Research:
Gigaom Research is relaunching under new owner Knowingly; existing subscriptions to be extended four months  —  Rebooting Gigaom Research  —  On March 9 2015, Gigaom ceased operations because of the insolvency of Giga Omni, the corporation behind the scenes.

Timothy J. Seppala / Engadget:
Sony's video game streaming service, PlayStation Now, gets its own Netflix-like UI  —  PlayStation Now's streaming app wants to be Netflix for games  —  PlayStation Now's all-you-can-play game subscription service launched back in January on PlayStation 4, but the method for actually playing those games has been kind of a nightmare.